Sunday, March 23, 2008

Doo Wah Ditty - DOO RAG?

Ok here is the story behind the DU-RAG!!!!

Cassie and I were shopping in Phoenix with Carolyn and my Mom. And "YES" we were having a blast. We ended up in the $.99 Store. Looking at all the goofy and fun things. We saw this DOO-RAG. I commented that we should get it for Jacob (totally kidding) and Cassie said, "YA, we should... that would be sooooo funny. It could be in his Easter Basket. So we bought it. I almost forgot about it but found it last night and tucked it in for Jacob. When he came out this morning, he commented, "I can't believe that the Easter Bunny thought to give me a Du-Rag." But true to the whole idea of it, it has truly been the joke of the day. That was it's purpose, to make us laugh and especially to make Jacob laugh. We did and he did!
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Sam said...

What a DORK!!!