Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heritage Days - Pima

Reece and Anna Jane, Honorees at Pima's Heritage Days, for lifelong Civic Service.

This is part of a display that we put together for the event. It highlights some of their interests, hobbies, and their family.
When Dad was made Postmaster in Pima, it was then an appointment, he was one of the last appointments and was appointed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, there is a placque in there representing that, he served as Postmaster for over 35 years. Dad also, has won the "Beard Contest" as several Pioneer Celebrations, and was awarded "Citizen of the Year" and earned his Eagle Scout Award as a boy. He has been on the Museum Board for many, many years and also served many different capacities of civic and church service, including Bishop and Temple Worker to just name a few of the favorite. He also has many interests such as: ATV riding, Motorcycle riding, hunting (especially quail and deer), camping, watching TV especially Football and Westerns. Just one of my favorite things about my dad is how much he "Adores" my mother. They truly are SWEETHEARTS. He is a great Father, listener, husband, uncle, brother, son, grandpa, etc.
Mom also worked for the Post Office for over 35 years. She had the opportunity to work in 4 different offices recieving much experience. She served on the board of Republican Women, was PTA President and always active in classroom activities of her children. She has always be actively involved in church service, including Temple Worker, Stake Primary President just to name a couple. Her interests include: cooking (making sure anyone that enters her home is well fed), sewing, quilting, canning, comforting and caring for anyone that needs her gentleness, geneology, shopping (finding any bargain)... these are only a few! Her greatess joy comes in her children and grandchildren.

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C Cathcart said...

You always word things so fun and sweet and melodic. Good job sis.