Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins more

For Family Home Evening last night we carved pumpkins! Brian & I carved Sarah Palin and John McCain, Cassie carved a cat and a moon and Jacob carved a question mark, lol.
WOW, it was the most involved pumpkin I had ever done, usually we just do triangle eyes and a mouth with maybe some teeth, and of course a nose of some sort, but this time we actually used stencils! It was fun.
Jacob's question mark? He had a cute young lady ask him to go to the High School Girl's Choice dance (Frolic) and this is how he answered her. Buried in the pumpkin under all the pumpkin guts, he had the answer in a little baggie., with a silly little poem. Of course the answer was "yes"!

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Jonathan and Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! Wow you guys are quite the pumpkin carvers.