Tuesday, October 21, 2008

General Conference

At the beginning of the month Brian, Jacob, Cassie and me traveled to Utah. 1) to visit Sam and Brie and 2) to go to General Conference. We had never attended General Conference in Utah before, only watched on TV or listened on the radio. What an awesome experience.

It was just like I had been told, there was a soft hum in the conference center as people gathered and saw old friends and met up with family members, etc. ... then all of a sudden there was a very quick hush come over the center as in walks the Prophet of the Lord, with his two counselors. It was incredible. The a wonderful feeling washed over you as he entered into the room.

We attended the Saturday Afternoon session, then the guys went to the Priesthood Session and then we were back again for the Sunday Morning Session. We went to the best sessions and I certaily had my favorites, President Ukdorf speaking on "Hope", Elder Holland speaking on "Angels" and Elder Wirthin speaking on "Come What May and Love It" (isn't he the cutest little man); those were my favorites in our first session to attend. Then in the Sunday Morning session, my favorites were; President Eyring speaking on "Unity", Sister Dalton speaking on "Virtue" and the concluding talk by President Monson, "Find Joy in Your Jouney, Now!" OOOOO they were so good. They were all good, but those were ones that especially touched me.

I look forward to having this opportunity again sometime, to attend conference!

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