Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jacob's Fall Sing - EAC

Jacob is enjoying being in the Eastern Arizona College Choirs. They had their Fall Sing last week. There were 3 performances and I was able to attend 2 of them. It was excellent! Jacob sings in the Acapella Choir and the Men's Quartet. Actually it is a group of 6 not 4 so they call it "Just 6" or "The Guys".

I was just able to get a few short clips of the Acapella Choir singing some patriotic song. They were GREAT! I didn't get any clips of "Just 6", sure wish I had!





Rushele said...

Wow, that is awesome!
I love singing, it's so beautiful!
Would you give me Juliana's email so I can invite her to my blog as well? And ask her if she'd mind inviting me to hers?

The Wood FAMILY!! said...

i found you!!! Yay!