Thursday, October 30, 2008

October "Kit of the Month" Club

In October, this is the class I had for Scrapbooking with our "Kit of the Month". The paper, supplies and instruction brochure come as part of the package and we created the top layout at the class. This is a fun layout with a couple of techniques to learn. Plus...

You then have enough paper and supplies left to create these next two layouts as well. The paper has two sides to it and you can choose whether to use the Hollyhock (pink) side or the Crystal Blue side.

This layout is just to show versitility. It is just the same blueprint as the top layout, just changed around a little bit.


Rushele said...

Glad you found Sarah and asked about us!! I love keeping up with the family through blogging!! So fun!
You are so talented with your scrapbooking! And I am so very behind on mine.
Can I just send you my pictures and you can do it for me????

Scrap Happy said...

Are you giving me that first spread??? I hope so! Gorgeous! (And the kit ain't bad, either...)