Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude #10 - Ward Family

I am thankful for my Ward Family! As I run through names from our ward I feel very fortunate to be associated with these wonderful people and feel very much like they are my family as well. We have shared many opportunities to serve in different capacities together whether it be Primary, Relief Society, Young Women's or some other thing. I am thankful for these two men in these pictures. They are my husbands right and left arm... as his counselors. I don't know what he would do without them. They families are awesome as well. There are many other families and individuals whose service is not unnoticed and who Brian very much depends on to get things done in the ward. There are angels all around performing all kinds of wonderful things for each other to make life better for each other. Elder's Quorum President and counselors, High Priest Group Leader and assistants, Young Men Leaders, Young Women Leaders, Primary President and counselors and teachers, Relief Society Presidency and teachers, Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers, Clerks and Secretaries, Music Leaders..... the list goes on and on! I love these people!

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Scott and Amy said...

I too am greatful for my ward family. You wouldn't believe how awesome our Bishop and his wife are. They are so down to earth and fun. We are really lucky to have them. Also the 1st counselor and Exc. Sec aren't so bad either!