Monday, November 17, 2008

Gratitude #12 - Piano

I am thankful that I can play the piano! I'm not necessarily great at it, but I can do it and it makes me happy. How I wish I hadn't given my Mom a hard time about practising and stuff and been that much better than I am now.
A few years back if I were asked if I could play the piano I might have said "no" because I didn't think I could play it good enough for anyone else to hear, but out of necessity when I was Primary President before moving to Safford, and our sweet little piano player often didn't show up, I then had to swallow my pride and sit down in front of all those primary children (scary) and play... and hey I didn't do to bad. Sometimes now, as I am the Primary Pianist, I sit there in Primary and I'm just amazed that I can play this wonderful instrument and I am thankful that (even if it isn't perfect or the best) Heavenly Father has given me this gift. Sitting down in front of the piano can really lift your spirits when you need them lifted. Thanks, Delsa McBride, Susan Bingham, Gina Noake for teaching me to play.


Jonathan and Sarah said...

I hear ya on the wishing your mom made you practice part. I DO TOO! But, it's a nice talent to have no matter how good you are!

maryann said...

OK. I am LOVING THIS! I need to start my own thankful list. AND your music list AMAZES ME! I think I was raised with people your age!! :) I HAVE to bring my kids to your blog and show them your playlist. We have almost an identical one! I am not kidding. We have at least 4 different playlists that we keep on while we clean house. My girls dont agree that MY LIST IS THE BEST! Olivia Newton John, Air Supply, Bread, Anne Murray, Styx, Andy Gibb! Lionel Richie! BARRY MANILOW! HELLOOO! My girls think they are tortured with Copa Cobana! They just don't get it. I remember crying the first time I heard that song! I was like 7 or 8! NOW, Erin adn Whitney came home from the movie and said it is the the new Madagascar 2! Suddenly I have good taste in music! YOU GO GIRL! It's nice to see that someone else knows what real music is!