Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude #18 - Sheraton Hotel

I am thankful for nice hotels and our Timeshare with Sheraton! I have discovered that I am a Hotel Snob! Over the years I have stayed in some really nice hotels when I have gone to Close To My Heart Events like Convention and Leadership Conferences. I have discovered that nice hotels are just the thing to start a nice day when traveling. With our timeshare we have had alot of points that we have uses as a random day at a Sheraton somewhere. We have used them to stay at Disneyland several times and a night here and there in Phoenix, or when we went to Albuquerque for Aaron and Tannis's wedding last Fall. It sure makes a difference to be in a nice updated place verses a run-down, old, budget hotel. Yes, I am a Hotel Snob and thankful for some of the nicer things in life!

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