Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude #20 - Salsa - Casa

I am thankful for Salsa and Chips.... YUM! I love to make salsa and I love that others love me to make my salsa. I love it when people call me up and want to buy some of my salsa packets. I love Casa Manana Salsa also. I love going there to eat chips and see people I know! It is a "Happy" place for me and feels good to go there!

By the way, if are interested in purchasing a packet of salsa... It is $2.50 each and is a packet of seasoning that you mix with a 28 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes and VOILA, yummy salsa.


Karen said...

Speaking of Casa... Who wants to go to lunch?

Sam said...


The Wood FAMILY!! said...

i know Linda would LOVE to go....i would love to go to, but my kids are CRAZY, and my baby sitter is Linda. So you guys should go. She loves you, You make her feel so good!!!

i love Casa too. we go there every date night. LOVE there salsa too!