Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude #23 - The Mountain

I am thankful for "My Mountain". I already briefly mentioned it in the last post... but I am thankful for Mount Graham. I don't go up often enough, but I love it and have so many memories there. It is just a short 30 minute drive until you are up in the pine trees. What a welcome change of scenery in those moments that you need a change of scenery. I love just looking up at it from right down here at my home. I love looking up at it from across a huge green field of cotton. I love it when the snow starts to come and even though it isn't usually here at home, there it is sprinkling the mountain with wonderful white frosting. I love taking our camping (which by the way I am also very thankful for) up the mountain and spending some time just enjoying the camp fires and the wonderful meals that just seem to be magically prepared up there. I love the mountain smells: of pine, of rain. I've had so many memories there as a child, and with my children, and with my family and friends! I am thankful for the mountain.

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