Friday, November 28, 2008

Gratitude #24 - Flowers

I am thankful for FLOWERS! I am thankful for them when I see them growing in someone's yard. I am thankful for them when I see them growing wild up on the mountain. I am thankful for them when I see sunflowers growing in the wash down the road from my house. I am thankful for them when they are sitting in a vase on my counter or table! They make me feel happy! I love tulips... they don't last very long in a vase, but they are so pretty. I love daisies! They are just so cute, whether white or yellow or the Gerber Daisies that are all colors! They are so fun! And what girl doesn't love a ROSE! Roses just make you smile, they help remind you that you are thought of and loved! One of my favorite Christmas presents ever came a few years back. Brian says it was desperation because he couldn't think of anything else, but the fact that he thought of this made me know he had really been thinking about it. He gave me a note explaining that each month through the next year on our anniversary date I would be recieving a delivery from the florist. Of course the note said other sweet things like referring to remembering every month not just our anniversary month, and how happy he was that we married on the 22nd of January all those years ago. It was very sweet and awesome!

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