Friday, November 28, 2008

Gratitude #25 - My Heritage

I am thankful for my heritage. Just like Nephi, I could easily state, "I, Karen having been born of goodly parents..." and they having been born of goodly parents, and they also having been born of goodly parents, etc. My maternal Grandmother, died when I was only 5 years old. I do remember her and her home in Pine. It's weird the things your mind can remember, because she lived near us in Pima for a couple years before she passed away. She was a sweet giving Mother, Wife and Grandmother. I named my daughter after her. Her husband, my maternal grandfather, then lived with us for the next 12 years. I thought that was what a family was... Father, Mother, Children, Grandpa.... I remember how he used to tease us that he was asleep in the chair and then startle us when we walked by and how we played on his walker. He was a sweet sweet man that everyone loved. He was concerned for all and everyone called him Grandpa.

On my Father's side, my grandparents were both school teachers. My grandpa had been a dairy farmer before that and always had haystacks, horses and cows to be milked. He was kind of gruff when I was younger and sometimes scared us, but that was just because he wanted us to be good and do what was right, and yet he was gentle and loving and would scoop us up onto his lap. He always gave us rides on his knee as well as his tractor and his horses. He was a big tease too. My Grandmother was very loving. She was my 2nd grade teacher and I loved that. I loved to go to her house after school. She was always busy doing something. I loved going shopping with her to the grocery store, she just hummed and went about her business. She was always happy. At Christmas time, it was my job as a teenager to go put up her Christmas tree. We loved making sugar cookies with her and pulling taffy too. When she was not well at the end of her life, I was just a young mother, I'd take my two little guys to see her in the hospital each day and when she got to come back to my aunt's home I was able to in a small way help look after her a few times. I enjoyed those last days just having an opportunity to read to her and visit her.
I am thankful my grandparents raised my parents to be Gospel Loving people, to love the Lord and seek to serve him all their lives just as my Grandparents had done.

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