Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude #9 - Temples

I am thankful for temples! This is the temple Brian and I were married in almost 27 years ago. WOW, how time flies.... I know families can be together forever and I am thankful for that knowledge. I am thankful for covenants and truths that are taught and sealed here. I am thankful that in a little over a year we will have a temple, right here in the Gila Valley so temple attendance can be more frequent.
Tonight for FHE, we drove down to Central to the Ball Fields so Brian could see the stakes in the ground that mark the corners of the temple. That is all that is there so far; WOODEN STAKES! and yet he was so excited to walk off the distance (just as he does for appraisals, for a living) and just get a feeling for how it is going to be! I am excited about the Gila Valley Temple, but I am so excited about Brian's excitement. Yes, I am thankful for temples.

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