Friday, November 7, 2008

Gratitude #7 - My "other" family

#7... I am thankful for my other family! I didn't grow up in childhood with them, but I have grown up in parenthood and wifehood with them.... Brian's family! Some people just don't get to have great in-laws... I'm sorry for them! Brian's parents are loving dependable grandparents and try to attend whatever they can to with all their grandchildren... sometimes in 5 different states, well now only 4 different states. They've been to most Eagle Court of Honors, many ordinations, baptisms, plays, sporting events, choir concert, piano or violin concerts.... etc. They love their family. They love the gospel and have taught their children the same.

Brian's brother and sisters are my brother and sisters and their spouses are also my brothers and sisters! I enjoy each one of them. Sometimes, it may get a little intense when we are all together Ü, but I just think we are out of practise, because we just really don't get to do it often enough... but one thing for sure, there is never any doubt that we all love each other. I love all their talents and willingness to share them and desire to support the exciting things that happen in our lives. I love all their kids as well. We need to be together more often!


Nick said...

Well said! Guy and Glenna are the best in-laws that one could have. They are good, humble people who are dedicated to faith and family. We are thankful to live so much closer to them. And the same goes for the B. Scott family.

We are looking for some more practice with you all when we visit Safford for Christmas. Thanks (for the past and in advance) for being patient with us.

Karen said...

Nick, no patience required, when you guys are around we completely enjoy it! We look forward to spending Christmas with you guys and are soooooo excited to have some kids around! and such adorable kids at that!

Scott and Amy said...

I am glad that you came across our blog too. I too am a blog stalker and love to peek in on others lives. Sorry I didn;t get your okay to post the picture but I just couldn't help it. You guys were too cute. Snoop all you like ;)

Scrap Happy said...

Admit it. I'm your favorite.

maryann said...

I am GLAD you blog stalked me!! Because now I found YOU! I swear we need a ward list of bloggers! I cried when I read your 7 reasons. You have some awesome reasons to be thakful!!
My personal favorite is #6!
Love, me

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I saw this thankful list thing on someone else's blog too and I thought it was the cutest idea! I love it!