Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was fabulous! We feasted at our house and thought we were going to have 25 to dinner. This year instead of doing buffet style eating, we had sit-down dinner and passed the food around! Ryan and Fay's family didn't end up coming until later, so their 7 chairs didn't get filled but we had 18 for a sit-down, pass-around Thanksgiving dinner. It was great. I remember that is how we always did it at my Grandma Jarvis's house and what I love about it, is we all ate at the same time and finished about the same time as well. We sat there and chatted and groaned and laughed and moaned! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!

This is who was all in attendence: Brian & I, Aaron & Tannis, Jacob, Cassie, Mom & Dad Jarvis, Mom & Dad Scott, Josh, Juliana, McKay, Kaden & Carter, Jordan, Shanna & Jensen, Jim & Nancy (Shanna's parents), and then Ryan, Fay, Leslie, Reece, Spenser, Will & Drew came later for desert.

I love my family and completely enjoyed them! I can't wait to get together for Christmas! (We missed you Sam & Brie and everyone else too)


Jonathan and Sarah said...

I am so glad that you guys had such a nice Thanksgiving. That is so cool that you had a BIG sit down dinner! FUN!

Rushele said...

I'm glad that you were all able to get together and enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

The Fackpack said...

How fun is that I would love to have been there and seen all the fun. We sure do miss the Scott's!!!

Diana said...

Maybe we'll have to try that for Christmas dinner. It would be nice to have everyone sitting together...with their feet under the table.......ask Lala. (funny story) :-)