Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk or Treat

I enjoy dressing up for Halloween. I admit I hadn't done it for YEARS but always wanted to be oh so clever and come up with something fun. I was just always doing good to get the kids in their costume and didn't get that far with myself. And, Brian was really never interested in dressing up anyway. When he was made Bishop, I told him we really, really needed to dress up and be fun and participate. That has been soooooooo much fun. For a couple of years we used these ridiculous blow up costumes and everyone got a kick out of them. This year we were John McCain and Sarah Palin. Most people knew who we were, but it was kind of shocking that everyone didn't. Have you not been watching TV? Even just watching a tiny, tiny bit and you will have gotten a bit of them. We had buttons on us that said "Vote for ME" (couldn't put their actual names at the party) and then Brian had a button that said, "I'm the Maverick" and I had one that said, "I'm with the Maverick". John McCain is known as The Maverick just incase you might be one that hasn't seen any TV. Anyway, it was fun and get a good look at Brian's white hair, too funny.

Jacob is a dork... I mean, is Jacob a dork? Or is he Joe Dirt... or Joe Dirtae-USA?
Cassie came up with her costume herself. It was pretty clever. Her conversation would go like this, "Guess who I am?"... (Only one person ever guessed) then she would reply, "I'm Fragile". She was completely wrapped up in bubble wrap.


Jonathan and Sarah said...

Cute! I love the costumes. I have yet to get Jonathan to dress up for Halloween. He's not into it either. I guess he'll have to become Bishop for that to happen. Don't feel too bad about the Twiglight books. I've only read the first one and I'm in the middle of the second one. I had to see what all the rave was.

Rushele said...

O.k., you and Brian's costumes were awesome!! And you did a good job of pulling it off, I'd say.
And Scott will appreciate seeing the picture of Jacob's costume. He loves that movie, so funny!! Yet, so stupid.
Life's a garden, dig it!