Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deck the Halls and the Walls...

Ok, so... yesterday, I was in Brian's office and a man was there who we both know and is a friend. We were just visiting about this and that, and I mentioned that I needed to go do a little Christmas shopping and boy did that set off a tirade. WHEW!!!! He is adamantly opposed to celebrating Christmas, to (as in his words) "Teaching lies", to adorning a tree (and again in his words) "worshipping it"..... etc. While this man's religious affiliation is the same as mine, I knew of his opposition to celebrating Christmas, but I was not prepared for his "soap box" performance and it totally caught me off guard and I found myself feeling very hot and boiling inside as I felt to defend my position on Christmas. Brian's and my position is... "If the Apostles and Prophets, will host a "Christmas Devotional" and talk of the Christmas Spirit, and allow Christmas trees to decorate the Conference Center and Christmas lights to light up the temples... and talk of the spirit of giving, and sharing and animating the Christmas Story... why then would we oppose such a thing? Yes, we know that December 25th isn't really Christ's birthday, and yes, we know that Christ is the real meaning in the Christmas celebration, but why would you not want to join in unity with the rest of the world to feel of the love and giving that just seems to literally fill the air! I enjoyed the Christmas Devotional from Salt Lake (which by the way, this man did not watch... hmmmm) and know that I am truly blessed to have a Savior, my older brother, born of such humble circumstances to truly be the King of the Earth and Redeem the world and I choose to celebrate his birth this Christmas Season.... with joy, with lights, with family, with friends, with gift giving, with Christmas trees, with song, with parties, with happiness, with love!


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Ansley just asked me to go the blog with the big brother Jacob....I was not understanding who she was talking about until she finally said, with the little sister Cassie!!!
She remembered when I was looking at your blog last she heard the Christmas music and wanted to hear Rudolph again, and again, and again!
Thanks for helping us celebrate Christmas!!!