Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Jensen and Santa!
So it is no secret that everyone loves Santa! I love Santa... I have always loved Santa... and I will always believe in Santa... My favorite Santa has always been Dennis Lunt... I remember him at ward parties growing up, at my Grandma's house in years past, he has even come to Scrapbooking functions for me....!!! LOVE IT! Well this year, he has had a little competition with my "Favorite Santa spot" in my heart! Get a look at this great Santa!!!!

Santa's sister loves him!

Santa's brother loves him!

Even Santa's Nonnie loves him!

And Santa's wife LOVES him!
Nonnie Scott's ward did a Breakfast with Santa for the Kids and asked Aaron to help! He did a great job... maybe it is his calling in life Ü. He has always been so cute with kids anyway and wanting to play with them. Tannis just couldn't quit giggling. I think they both enjoyed it. I know I did! Love that Santa!


Juliana said...

Sooooo cute!

Rushele said...

He makes such a cute Santa!!

Scott and Amy said...

I heard that Santa had a southern accent the more he would talk!! LOL Dana said that he did awesome.