Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2008 Scott Happenings

(Ok this was supposed to be my Christmas letter, and then as my New Year's Letter, and then as my Valentine's Day letter. When I sent out my cards I was just going to reference my blog and the post titled "2008 Scott Happenings". Well here it is just posted because I have never sent out cards. Some things are repeats from throughout the year, but this is a summary of 2008)

The very beginning in January, Brian, Jacob, Cassie and I were able to go Utah to see Sam & Brie. They weren't able to come home for the holidays because of work, so we visited them for New Years. We had a really good time. We went Ice Skating at the rink where Brie works two different times, one of them being with Nick & Shellie and family. We went out to eat at a Brazilian Restaurant on New Year's Eve. It was yummy and we were sooooooo stuffed. We had lots of fun and enjoyed seeing them and their fun little life.

In March, Brian and I went with the Safford Choir students (the ones that were able to come up with the money) including Jacob and Cassie to Washington D.C. It was a whirlwind of a time. We left at 2:00am and barely made it to the airport for our 6:00 am flight. That was simply a sign of how the whole trip would go. We hurried up everywhere we went and had an awesome time. It was a great experience for the kids. We were exhausted when we got home, but glad for the time spent in the Nation's capital and with the great kids that went.

In April, Sam was able to come for a quick visit, when his buddy Brant took his sweet wife through the temple with him. It was a short visit, but it was good.

May brought all the events that go along with High School graduation for Jacob, and winding up the school year for Cassie. It was a good year. Then came Stake Girls Camp. I was Assistant Stake Camp Director again this year and our theme was Citius ~ Altius ~ Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger) which was an Olympic Theme. Brian went once again with me as an awesome Priesthood holder and as one of our Greek Superheros, Altius, and Cassie was a 3rd year. It was a great time.

June was a great month. We had a Scott Family Reunion a week after Girl's Camp and most of Brian's family was able to come for it. It was a week filled with getting ready for the big celebration of Guy & Glenna's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a great party and they loved it. The week after that was the Jarvis Family's turn. Jarvises began arriving in preparation for Mom & Dad's (Reece & Anna Jane's) 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. Again, success was had with this party and Mom & Dad loved it. ALL of my Mom & Dad's family was here with one exception.... Prestion (Carolyn & Dennis's boy), and he is serving his mission so he is exactly where he is supposed to be, but we missed him just the same. We enjoyed having Sam & Brie here for both events. This whole experience was made just a tad harder due to the fact that I wrecked my car... leaving it undrivable. We went through 4 rental cars throughout the month and finally got my car back. Can you say, "DING! DONG!", that would be me, I ran into a light pole in the empty church parking lot, going very slowly looking up at the mountain visualizing a family picture.

July took me to Orlando for my Close To My Heart Convention. I hooked up with Reecia (my sister) there and had a great time. I spent one evening at Disney World, but there is just too much of Disney World to see in one evening.

October took us back to Utah. Brian, Jacob, Cassie and I went back to go to General Conference. None of us had ever been before. It was awesome. We went to two sessions and the guys went to the Priesthood session. I loved it. Everyone should have that opportunity at the very least once. Of course it was great to once again spend time with Sam & Brie.

We hosted Thanksgiving at out home in November. Aaron & Tannis stayed to have it with us, they were gonna go to Tannis's families in Grants but Aaron had work and we were glad to have them with us. We also had Juliana and her family, Jordan & Shanna & Jensen, plus Shanna's parents, and both Brian & my parents. Ryan & Faye came by just in time for Desert. It was a fun day.

Christmas season always brings lots of fun, anxiousness, memory making, etc. Aaron & Tannis spent the night with us on Christmas Eve. It was fun to have some excitement... with kids growing up and no little ones around, it sure is a different feeling. The magic of little ones is something I look forward to having again, when the grandkids start to come. Shelly & Nick were here so it was fun having their kids and Juliana & Josh's kids around though. I love Christmas, and all it brings and all it means and all it stands for.

  • Sam & Brie are still at BYU, living the young married life. Sam has just been accepted into his program which is "Facilities Management". We are so proud of him. He is also working at Wells Fargo, 3 days a week. Brie has been taking classes a little at a time and working full time at the Skating Rink so Sam can go to school full time. I enjoy watching (but mostly hearing) about their life and their interest in making each other happy... just they way two people in love should treat each other.

  • Aaron & Tannis live just up the road from us. It is so fun having them here for dinner most Sundays. We didn't see them much more than that as Tannis was going to school and working and Aaron was working ALOT of hours up at Freeport MacMoran. He was laid off at the end of the year with all the lay offs up there. It has been hard for everyone, but Aaron just this last week got a job as a busser at Denny's. Tannis is still working at the Nursing Home assisting with Physical Therapy. We have seen more of them lately with the job situation and I enjoy watching them giggle and laugh together. They are fun to watch. No doubt they are two love birds that have been through a hard time with jobs, but they are making their way through it just fine.

  • Jacob is at EAC and just finishing up his paperwork for his mission. I can hardly believe my 3rd boy is that age.... where did the time go. Jacob is a hard worker, he worked most of the year at Green's Furniture and when the economy took a dive, they had to reduce his hours, but the brother company, the appliance side, needed someone so they picked him up. He is in the Quartet at EAC and loves it!!!

  • Cassie is a Sophmore in High School. She has really missed having Jacob at the high school with her this year. They really became good friends last school year. Cassie played tennis last Spring (2008) but has elected not to this year. She is very involved in Choir and is in the Girl's Quartet. They even placed 2nd in the Talent Show at the county fair. She works for her Dad once a week filing down at the office and enjoys her friends. She is looking forward to getting her Driving Permit soon YIKES!! That just can't be!

  • Brian is still doing Real Estate Appraisals. The last half of 2008 sure made a shift in Real Estate. Brian is still busy, they have just become harder, because values are decreasing and people aren't happy. It makes it a little discouraging, but it is just he whole economy problem. He is also still Bishoping... he has been going at it for 3 1/2 years so far. He enjoys it because of the wonderful people he gets to work with and watch learn and grow. His service has truly blessed our family.

  • Me, hmmmm, I am still playing the piano in Primary and still get to help plan Girl's Camp. We are already geared up of Girl's Camp 2009. I am also still teaching my Scrapbooking classes and groups and having workshops with cards and other paper crafts. It is alot of fun and I enjoy it. (Love to share it with anyone interested - shameless plug I know).

Life just keeps moving along, I can't believe how much faster it goes the older I get. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and comfortable home. Life is truly fabulous.


Jodi said...

I had missing my letter from you. Happy you had a great year. Guess what I am doing it is 11:47 p.m. on a Thursday night?


Scott and Amy said...

It is about time Lady!! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Loved the "Letter"

maryann said...

Love your letter! Such a great family you have! Actually the "letter" is just a side benefit. . I always come here for the music!