Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For Family Home Evening that last few weeks we have been having fun with the alphabet. It started a couple weeks back because we'd been watching a few different Disney movies. We decided to order Pizza and watch Pocohontas.... thus the "P" Family Night... We also ended up having Popcorn for refreshments as we watched the movie.
So they next time, Tannis and Aaron invited us to their home for FHE. It was the "B" night. We had Breakfast and played Bowling on the Wii. Of course we pointed out that in our breakfast we also had butter and bacon and on the Wii we could also play Baseball or Boxing. It was fun.
Last night Cassie wanted to "go out" somewhere for FHE and I said, well what about actually having a lesson this week. I was fixing Meatloaf for dinner and everyone wanted to watch the movie "Madagascar". So Brian said, "OK, everyone has to come up with a gospel topic starting with "M" and share something they know and ask a question about it. We had the BEST discussion. We talked about:
  • Marriage (between a husband and wife are ordained of God)
  • Millenium (Missionary Work during the Millenium, when will it be? etc.)
  • Melchizedek Priesthood (Why is the higher order called Melchizedek)
  • Manna (What do you think it tastes like)
  • Mediums (we had been talking the other day, about hauntings and what are they and the difference between feeling good spirits)
  • Mother (Her primary responsibility is to nurture and care for her children. I wonder how our Heavenly Mother longs to nurture us? Do you think we will be just as familiar with her when we see her as we are told we will be familiar with our Heavenly Father... we think "YES")
  • Momma's Boys (The Strippling Warriors.... they didn't doubt [that] their mothers knew it or they didn't doubt [because] their mothers knew it. We voted that it meant both.)

It was great to have such wonderful gospel disscussions with my family! I love them!


Scrap Happy said...

Great "theme" FHEs...


faith celeste said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing!

Juliana said...

That's a fun idea. Hopefully I'll remember when my kids are big enough to do that!