Tuesday, March 17, 2009


On Friday the 13th, Jacob's mission call came. It was a funny story how it came:

Brian and I were going out of town Wednesday and Thursday and Jacob was staying home working. Brian and I talked about stopping the mail just in case it came while we were gone. We thought Jacob won't even know and it will be easier for him if we aren't here for it to just NOT come. I left town Wednesday morning later than I thought so I went ahead and stopped at the Post Office to check and told Cassie, if it IS here we are not going out of town after all. It wasn't there so off we went to Phoenix.

That afternoon a text came through to me, from Jacob, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME... YOU STOPPED THE MAIL" I am thinking "huh" how did you know? He had ran out to meet the mail lady when she came and she said, "Oh sorry you have a hold on your mail." Oops our secret is out. I told him, no worries, he can just go down early the next morning and check the mail at the P.O. and see if it is here. That way he would know early in the morning rather than wait half the day for the mail lady.

The next morning, he goes down to the Post Office. Well wouldn't you know, the mail lady has taken the mail out. The clerk at the window says when she gets to our mail box, she will see the "hold" and remember, then bring back the mail to the Post Office. She told him to check back about 4:00 when she returned. So he goes back at 4:00 and she can only give him mail that is "HIS" and there is none. Bummer!

So Friday morning, I go down about 9:30 to unhold the mail and pick up any that is there. The window clerk said that the delivery gal was still there and had just finished sorting and said that "he" had already come to check this morning and picked up yesterdays mail, but todays mail wasn't through sorting and she brought out the "WHITE ENVELOPE". I knew Jacob hadn't gone down that morning and so the window clerk said, well maybe she just thought that because the bin was empty. She said I hate to give you this to you because she had told Jacob the day before that she would give it to him. But she handed it over!

I took a picture of it with my camera and text it to Jacob. He text back in all capitals again... ARE YOU SERIOUS! And then I found out... the "HE" that had already been to the Post Office before me was Brian. He had gone to pick up the mail and "The call" wasn't there, because the delivery lady hadn't finished sorting which when she was, the call was there and then I showed up. He was bummed.... he pointed out that he had gotten there first! Ha, ha, ha... too bad, I got to pick it up. When I got home, I put it into the mailbox and made him get it out!


Scott and Amy said...

I see mail fraud written all over this! J/K We are way excited for Jacob and know he will be an awesome Elder. congrats. BTW, you never said where he will be going. (I already know though)

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Your family is so funny! Poor Jacob... all he wanted was HIS call. lol Congrats to him!!!

faith celeste said...

You are too funny! That is a great story...He will be an awesome missionary. So happy for you guys!

Colt and Emilee said...

Hey Karen! holy cow! I linked to you from someone else..you know how that goes..This is Emilee (Hughes) Pini. When I was looking at your family picture, I recognized everyone except Jacob... I was like "who is that?" I still don't remember him. I remember everyone else... And I didn't know Aaron was married! Happy day! Well, it was fun to run into your blog!