Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So onto the "rest of the story". YES, as the title of this post says, he is going to the Oregon Portland Mission. He reports to the MTC in Provo on May 27th. Much to be decided between now and then.

He is so excited and had a fun "Mission Call Opening Party". He had alot of his friends come over that evening at 7:00. He decided to wait until after work to open it because his Dad was at work and Jacob needed to go to work and he wanted his friends to come. So he had the following people there with him as he read his call: Dad & Mom (Brian & I, of course), Cassie, Aaron & Tannis, Aunt Fay. Spencer, Will, Drew & Leslie, Jaron, Janeen, Ariel, Amber & Jenny, all the Pecks; Kevin, Jody, Stephanie, Kimi, Shelby & Becca, Shaylin Farr, Calvin Richardson, Jacob Taylor, Rylan Sturm, Caleb Dale, David Weech, Allison McHugh, Shellie Richarson. It was a nice little group and then there were those that were on the phone too.
Jacob requested food, so we had snacks, of course Chips & Salsa, Brownies, Little Smokeys, and some yummy lemon oatmeal squares that Jody brought.

It was a fun evening and really got us excited and most of all Jacob is excited! He is really a big boy now, he got a letter from his good buddy, Thomas Monson and he is ready to go do the Big Boy work in Portland! He knows as we all know, that he has truly been called of the Lord to be His embassador, His valiant servant, to bring souls unto Him.


Scott and Amy said...

Oooooppps. Sorry, it seems I might have jumped the gun a little. :{

Judd family said...

How exciting! I know quite a few people who went to that mission and I heard nothing but good things! Congratulations!

Harriett said...

What a wonderful son you have there. Congratulations and we all know what a wonderful missionary he will be. I'm so glad Caiden has guys like Jacob around to look up to and admire.

Adrian said...

Wow!! Jacob is going to the greatest mission on earth--at least in the greatest place on earth--the most beautiful and green you will ever see. Of course I am very excited for him. Know he will have great experiences there. Remember to send him an umbrella. It does rain a bit there! At least he'll be going to Portland during their dry season! When is his farewell? Did his bishop tell him yet?

Tanya, native Oregonian

kendle sue said...

aw!! yay for jacob!! that is so exciting!! im rather fond of portland... hes going to have such a great time! :)

Rushele said...

Congrats to Jacob!! And you and Brian ans well.
He'll be a wonderful missionary, and it's so awesome that he is so excited about doing the Lord's work!

Adrian said...

I was surprised to see my name already on here. My silly mom uses my sign on all the time. Anyway, we are SO excited for Jacob!!! Portland is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Again, we are a bit partial to Oregon. I was actually born there and lived there for the first 8 months of my life! Although I have no recollection of living there, we visited often and I LOVE it there! We wish Jacob the very best!!!

Also, thanks for your sweet comment! We would love to see you guys! I’m not gonna lie… I love to show off my baby girl!