Monday, May 25, 2009

Gila Valley Temple Ground Breaking

OK, so seriously, this was clear back in February, on Valentine's Day to be exact, but I was just looking through my pictures and realized I had never blogged about this!

Bright and early Saturday the 14th of February, we struck out with folding chairs, blankets, Sunday Clothes and anxious hearts to the Temple Site location in Central. Aaron had to work (too bad) but Tannis went with us, Brian, Cassie, Nonnie and Papa Scott and Jacob. We dropped Jacob off at EAC, he was riding on down with the select choir students that would be singing in the choir at the grounds dedication.

We arrived about an hour and a half before it was to begin, to ensure a decent seat. It was soooo cold and the grass was wet. As soon as the sun peak up, it started to warm us. I saw lots of friendly and familiar faces. My Dad came and sat with us as well.

Not as many showed up to the site as they had originally expected because they had gone ahead and opened up each Stake Center in the Temple District to view it via Satelite. But I certainly was glad I was at the site!

The talks we terrific, the choir was fantastic and the spirit was excellent!

WE GET TO HAVE A TEMPLE RIGHT HERE IN THE GILA VALLEY...sometime next year we will be back again for a Temple Dedication!!!!

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Rushele said...

What an awesome experience to be right there at the Temple grounds for ground breaking!!
And it's so exciting to be able to have your own temple right there in town.