Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Choir Concert... yes clear back from May Ü

Some old events that I wanted to post...

This video is Jacob's Quartet (actually it's 6 not 4) Concert at EAC, in May. This is his solo, "Heaven's Eyes". Of course the Momma, thinks he's awesome... sure miss that boy!


And here is Cassie at her final concert of the school year in May. The Show Choir "Taste of Sound" did a Music Theatre show from "Little Mermaid, the Musical". Cassie was Flounder (she comes in on the right), that is why her ponytail is all fanned out, like a fin. The whole show was fantastic if I do say so myself. Cassie had this solo, "She's in Love".


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Rushele said...

You have such a talented family!