Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears....Oh my

In July, Janeen and I took our campers up to Turkey Flat. Well our husbands took them up for us and set them up. Our plan was to do some camping, Turkey Flat was chosen so we could go up and down the mountain easily since there was lots going on down in the Safford Valley. Funny thing is that we really only spent one night in the campers and what really happened was that we took an opportunity to go up and down and visit our campers. hee hee he Janeen brought up her two little nephews one day, Dillan and Lane. They were so cute and had a blast.
The only night we slept up there, Brian and Cassie and I were in my camper and Janeen was alone in hers. Brian and Cassie left early in the morning to go down for work and Janeen and I stayed up there, sleeping in some. I was awake and all of a sudden there was someone at the back door.
I thought, "Hmmm, Janeen has slept in long enough I guess." I sat up and kind of looked out the window from my bed. It sounded like Janeen was trying to open the door and couldn't. I thought, Brian must have left out of the other door, otherwise, that one would have been unlocked and she could have gotten in.
As I leaned forward, looking through the slats on the window, I saw a big black dog and thought, "whose dog does she have with her?" Quickly my thoughts went to, "Oh my goodness, that's not Janeen, it is someone else trying get in my camper that has a big black dog. I am so glad Brian left that door locked." I wanted to jump forward and lock the other door quickly. Then one last sheepish look through the slats, and I realized it wasn't a dog at all, but a BEAR!!!!!!!!
I jumped up quickly because it was moving and then I heard it in the back side of my camper. I looked out the back window but didn't see it. I didn't know where it had gone, but hope it was just that.... GONE.
I text Janeen in her camper and told her there was a bear outside. She texted back that she couldn't see one. Five minutes later she was walking over to my camper. I told her, "Oh my goodness you are brave, there's a bear out there you know."
She looked at my quickly, "You were serious?"
"Uhhhhh, ya, I saw it"
She totally thought I had just heard something and was jumping to conclusions. LOL, luckily it really was gone. Later when we were brave enough to go outside and sit in our camp chairs, we saw a big dirt paw print on the table outside. Yep, it was a bear!

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