Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sam & Brie (part II)

So... they are back in Provo ready to finish school after their fun summer. They loved Sam so much at the Smithsonian, his boss told him, when he finished school he would find a place to put him out there if he was interested. Hmmmm, that is always nice to hear. Personally, I think that is waaaaaaaay too far away from me to live, but nice to hear.

So Brie came back to Peaks Ice Skating Rink, the job she had before they left. They were relieved when she asked them if she could come back after the Summer.... they not only said, yes, but "ABSOLUTELY YES". They weren't sure what they were gonna do without her and she loves it there so what a good combination.
So when Sam got back from D.C. he did have to search for a new job. He was not going back to Wells Fargo even if they had held it for him.... wasn't a fan of that job. He got busy looking when he was still in D.C. and sent out resumes and looked online, etc. He had 2 interviews with the church before he left about internships for the summer, but was told that there was a freeze on hiring so there weren't any internships available for the summer. When he returned he was called into the Draper Temple for an interview... can you imagine, a job interview in the Temple. He was hired as an intern to the Facilities Manager... which is his major in school. He is sure enjoying it.... what a quiet, calm place to work, no foul language, no smoking breaks, NIIICCCCE! They even let him do his homework when things are slow.
He works more hours than his last job and it is a 45 minute drive both ways, plus he is taking more credits this semester too. Thus, he is a busy boy! He can do it though! I am so proud of these two!


Brie said...

Ah, you say the nicest things! We sound pretty cool listening to you describe us! We miss you guys!

Juliana said...

It does sound pretty cool and they are pretty cool! What two cute peoples if you ask me! Ü