Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sam & Brie

Sam and Brie spent an adventurous summer in Washington D.C. Sam was able to get a internship for the summer at the Smithsonian Museums. So off they went... they drove across the United States taking about a week, with a three day stop off in Arizona. They were so excited to get there and begin their adventure. They did everything they could think of to enjoy the area while they were there, saw every monument, visited every museum, attended an Orioles Baseball game, adventured in every area around including the beach, New York City, Hershey Pennsylvania, got their truck towed twice (not their fault, missunderstanding with landlord, when they finally figured it out the landlord paid the charges the second time) rode the metro daily to work, got locked "INSIDE" their apartment, got locked "INSIDE" one of the Smithsonian Museums after hours, got locked "INSIDE" a "knock off purse" vendor's moving van while shopping for a purse, etc. They make the very best of every situation they get in and make memories where ever they go, and have a blast doing it!
While Sam worked at the Museum, Brie got a summer job as a Nanny for two elementary aged "rich" kids. She realized (I think she already knew it though) that money doesn't buy happiness. These kids had everything they didn't even know they wanted and yet their parents were so "busy" they didn't really have any of their parents attention.
By the time they drove home, they had crossed 26 state lines and had made a figure 8 in their travels with the crossing place in Tulsa Oklahoma. What a fun Summer they had. I am so proud of them and their enjoyment of everything that life sends their way. They handle everything with such maturity, fun, laughter, enjoyment, responsibility and love. LOVE THEM!

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