Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday AarBear!

(Hmmmm, can't find a current picture, I'm gonna have to take one!!)
23!!!!! WOW, you are a big bubby! LOL! This year has been a tough year for my AarBear, but wow, has he pulled through it! I so admire his strength.... I can't believe what a difference he has made in the past several months.... He is working 2 jobs, he has lost 30 pounds and he sure has a big smile on his face these days. What a difference, positive encouragement and unconditional love can make! He's got that great spirit back and I just love it!!!


Jodi said...

I remember you sitting in that chair. Cute boys!

LindseyNicole said...

woah.. your hair!

Juliana said...

Or how about WOAH...those glasses! Haha! OK so thanks for making me water up! I'm glad to hear Aaron is doing sooooo well! I remember you sitting in that chair too and that cute little chubby cheeked kid running around in his diaper! Ü