Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am THANKFUL.....

Sometimes in the midst of life, it is hard to remember all the many things that I have to be thankful for. I might tend to get caught up in the woes of life and forget just how lucky... no, not just lucky, but blessed I am.

Last year I posted something each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving and was going to repeat that again this year, but here I am on the eve of Thanksgiving without one single "thankful post". Instead I am going to make a list of 26 things that have blessed my life, 26 things that I am so grateful for (in no specific order) :

26) My home
25) Safford 7th Ward
24) My new calling - Primary Secretary
23) My Girl's Camp Calling (and girls camp in general)
22) My Nieces and Nephews
21) My Brothers and Sisters (including spouses, both of ours!)
20) My In-laws
19) My Parents
18) My Aunts and Uncles
17) My cousins
16) My Grandparents (I miss them)
15) Close To My Heart Scrapbooking (my fun little business)
14) Temples and specifically the Gila Valley Temple
13) The Gospel - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
12) MISSIONARIES - especially in Oregon Portland Mission Ü
11) Spanish Food & Pizza
10) Friends
9) Modern Technology - Cell Phones, Computers
8) Piano - that I can play it (somewhat)
7) My Beautiful Baby Girl
6) My Handsome Elder
5) My Handsome Happy Middle Boy
4) My Handsome Oldest Boy
3) My Beautiful Daughter-in-law
2) My Wonderfully Handsome Eternal Companion (& Bishop Ü)
1) My Savior - The Atonement

OK, I felt myself needing to expound on each of those, but this is a list right, not a paragraph on each. I do see that I could keep going and going though and also that it is similar to last years list! Just for the fun of it, I want to list another list of 26 a little more simple fun things that I am thankful for:

26) Jingle Paper Pack (the colors just make me smile)
25) New Close To My Heart Catalog coming out (I get it on Monday!)
24) My Acrylix Stamps
23) Christmas Decorations
22) My Cricut (wish I had the Expressions, and also the Gypsy.)
21) Facebook - it is just fun to see and connect with old friends
20) Dr. Pepper - I need to get off this, but it does make me happy
19) Mail and Email from Oregon
18) Phone calls from Utah
17) Listening to my daughter playing the piano
16) The High School Choirs
15) A fun little Chicken laugh that I hear almost daily
14) Lots of colors of ribbon
13) Lemon Pudding
12) Sugar Cookies - Fruit Pizza
11) Ana Juana Salsa
10) My Microwave
9) Going for rides
8) Graph Paper (I know - weird - for paper craft projects)
7) Watches (like having all different kinds)
6) Salt & Pepper Shakers (my collection)
5) My Neck Pillow
4) Crafting
3) Biggest Loser (someday I am gonna be one Ü)
2) Driving in the Rain
1) Going to Wicked with my Boy


Amy Allred said...

I was looking forward to your list this year! You surely do have so much to be grateful for! I am grateful for you and your hubby! You guys are AWESOME!!!

jaronrlines said...

You mean the neck pillow that Tucker Brown SAT on?! lol