Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I Want For Christmas..... Cassie's Choir Performance

So this week was Cassie's Christmas Concert on Tuesday.... I knew she had a solo, but I didn't know that it was going to just blow me away! She did sooooo awesome! I didn't get a very good video of it :( But on Thursday evening they did a Dinner Show combined with the Foods Club at school as a fundraiser. She performed it again and this time I did get a good video of it. She did great once again, but I believe her first performance was the absolute BEST. I came home and told Brian, that she "Rocked my World Tonight" LOL! He wasn't able to go and see her until Thursday and that is what you get to see here, if you click on the play button! Ü

Ok, so this next video is of the Girl's Quartet. They are singing "Silver Bells". This was on the stage at the concert... I am realizing the sound and acoustics are so much better in the auditorium for the concert than the dinner show was, BUT, I sure could get a better picture of them at the Dinner Show. So this video, you don't really see their faces, just hear their beautiful voices Ü (And since you can't see their faces, Cassie is the second from the right.)


This next video is just a beautiful song... again, it is at the concert, so you don't see their faces very well, but the soloists are Tyler (who is in our ward and one of Cassie's really good friends, he's an awesome young man) and the other is Darienne (also a good friend of Cassie's as well as Jacob's, awesome young lady) This song is called "Born On This Day" (I think) and Rick Lunt wrote it... it is just so pretty.



Juliana said...

Holy Moley! I wish I could've been there in person! WHen did that voice emerge from her--she's always had a sweet pretty voice but wow!!! Strong and FAB!!! WOwzers! Talented girl!

Scrap Happy said...

Yeah! I was hoping you would post this! Go Cassie!