Friday, November 4, 2011

Graditude is an Attitude

It really is an attitude isn't it!  We can find a million things to be grateful for if we just look!  We can find a million things to disappoint us if we look too, so which one is better!  Unfortunately, I too often find the "disappoint" things and have to remind myself there are far more of the happy things.  Just look around, big things and small things.  Years ago for Family Home Evening we started the "Gratitude Journals" with our kids, inspired by Oprah Winfrey.  I resently found mine and found it so fun to read what I was grateful for, years ago, big and small.  Some of the "small things" I had listed were, strawberries, singing, something to laugh about, etc.  Well guess what I have been thinking about again, since November hit.... "What am I grateful for?"  I love when these thoughts slap me in the face and I begin to reflect about what is really important and how many things I have that make me happy and I am thankful for.  So here begins my reflections for November!

#1 - I am thankful for the weather!  Haven't the days been beautiful!  Not too hot, not too cold!  I love it!  I love when the nights are crispy and sweaters are on, and the days are nice enough not to be too hot and be comfortable.  You can just feel the cold weather upon us and winter approaching!  The joy of the holidays starting to fill the air!  I love it!

#2 - I am thankful for airplanes!  Sam and Brie live way too far away.  They were needing a visit from Mom and Dad and frankly Mom and Dad were needing some time with out "far away" kids.  So we boarded a plane and headed to Massechusetts.  If it weren't for planes, who could take off 2 weeks of work to drive that far, spend a little time, and drive back home.  Makes a person extremely tired to think about that plan.  Instead, get on a plane, get there in a few hours, spend some quality time with some terrific grown-up kids, and then get on a plane and get back home and get to work.  Yes, I am thankful for airplanes.

#3 - I am thankful for jewelry!  How about that!  Ü  I have always loved jewelry, just cheap, fun jewelry.  I don't neccessarily need the diamonds and gold, just cheap (ok, what girl wouldn't love the diamonds and gold at least a little bit, but maybe in the next life, ha ha ha)  I do like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, I like different colors and styles, some simple, some flashy, some colorful, some plain.... just a great variety.  (Not my ring but itsn't it pretty)

#4 - I am thankful for SHELLAC!  Yes, shellac nails!  I love when Cassie has time and shellacs my nails, fingernails and toenails!  They just make a girl feel pretty.  I love french tip, but I also love colors!  Glitter toes are especially fun, but now that it is getting colder, I don't know that you will see as much of my toes!  Ok, so these are my nails, but you get the idea, LOL.

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Scrap Happy said...

Karen I am grateful for all those things too! Oh, except for the nails thing... I wish I had a daughter who could do that for me!