Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I am so excited for December!  I am excited every year and yet I can't believe it is already here either!  This year, I wanted to do what of those photo challenges!  So I want to challenge you too!  Each day (I know today is a late start for the 1st, but "make-ups" are very much allowed) ... back to "each day"... you will take a picture or even find a picture that represents that word or phrase.  Post it as "Day 1: Red", "Day 2:Favorite Holiday Movie", etc....on your social media and then write a quick something about it.  Use these hashtags, so we can all see
 #decemberphotoadayctmh and/or #karenkraftsphotochallenge

The idea is to:
1 - consciously think about all the things that mean "Christmas" to us.
2 - have a record of those things to look back on (social scrapbook)
3 - have photos and memories together to make a quick theme scrapbook to share.

I'm excited about this and I challenge you to go for it!  I recommend you print of the challenge sheet and put it somewhere that you will not forget.... and remember, if you get behind, it's ok to catch-up!

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